Welcome to the greatest journey of your life!

We are a multi-cultural community of believers that together believe that we can change our world by first coming in contact with the greatest change agent of all time, Jesus Christ!  Once we are transformed as individuals, we believe that we all become leaders or influencers to change our families, communities, cities, and nations.  Our philosophy is one of service to come together in the church to be empowered to go to all spheres of societal influence: arts and entertainment, business, education, family, government, and media to bring the kingdom of God to the earth.

“Center of Blessings”

Every where Jesus went a crowd was drawn to Him. They came to Him with their needs and impossible situations and he had the answers to their problems. He was the center of blessing. As His representatives on this Earth, we can be the center of blessing everywhere we go. The Holy Spirit will draw those to us who are in need of answers. We, within ourselves, may not know the answers, but the Jesus in us does. It is time for his example to be emulated by the church in a world with many problems. It is time to be the Center of Blessings.


Service Times and Special Events




Summer 2016 – June, July, August

Please join the North Palm Family for a summer of Activation and Impartation into the Supernatural Power of God.  We are headed into some dangerous days-days of tension and difficulty. God is going to prepare us for what is ahead. He will teach us to how to experience Him, His Kingdom, and His power in greater ways. The time has passed where attending a service or engaging in a church program is sufficient.  For us to navigate successfully through the days ahead, we will need to know Him and experience Him like never before. We will definitely need to learn to walk and war as true Kingdom children, living in true Kingdom consecration, power and grace.

Sunday Service- 10:30 am

Sunday Service Together- We will be joining the North Palm Family together for the summer. The service will be bi-lingual and will begin at 10:30 each Sunday in the Portal. Come be a part as the cultures, the generations and the body of Christ come together to experience the Power and Glory of God.

Impartation and Activation- Sunday 10:30 am

During the time of the North Palm Together Services, we will be offering a special elective session of impartation and activation.  This session will be held in the Warehouse from 10:30- 12:30.  Each session will consist of two consecutive Sundays. This session will include worship, healing, prophetic words, prophetic art, impartation and activation.  Registration is required.

Please click here to register for a Session.


This service meets in “The Warehouse” on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month. This service is designed for the youth ages 12-18 to draw near to God in intimate worship and fellowship together.


During the summer, each Wednesday we will be exploring the height, length, depth and breadth of our Savior’s Love through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  This time is designed to acquaint you with the truth of God’s Word concerning who you are in Christ and what wonderful benefits have been granted to you as a believer in Him. God is inviting you to lay hold of every spiritual blessing in Christ.