Welcome to the greatest journey of your life!

We are a multi-cultural community of believers that together believe that we can change our world by first coming in contact with the greatest change agent of all time, Jesus Christ!  Once we are transformed as individuals, we believe that we all become leaders or influencers to change our families, communities, cities, and nations.  Our philosophy is one of service to come together in the church to be empowered to go to all spheres of societal influence: arts and entertainment, business, education, family, government, and media to bring the kingdom of God to the earth.

“Center of Blessings”

Every where Jesus went a crowd was drawn to Him. They came to Him with their needs and impossible situations and he had the answers to their problems. He was the center of blessing. As His representatives on this Earth, we can be the center of blessing everywhere we go. The Holy Spirit will draw those to us who are in need of answers. We, within ourselves, may not know the answers, but the Jesus in us does. It is time for his example to be emulated by the church in a world with many problems. It is time to be the Center of Blessings.


Service Times and Special Events


This service is held in our sanctuary called “The Portal”. The foundation of North Palm featuring mellow sounds of worship with a warm, friendly atmosphere. No strangers present since all that enter are considered family. An informal spiritual gathering that welcomes your presence and participation.

11:30 AM – UNITED

This service is held in our sanctuary called “The Portal”. It is a little bit of heaven on earth with a sweet blend of 24 different cultures with room for more! This service is bi-lingual, English and Spanish. You are the missing ingredient needed to add to the rich harmony of sounds and seasons.

Este servicio se lleva a cabo en nuestro santuario llamado “El Portal”. Es un pedazo del cielo en la tierra con una dulce mezcla de 24 diferentes culturas y !espacio para más!

Este servicio es bilingüe, Espanol y Inglés. Tú eres el ingrediente que nos falta anadir a esta rica armonía de sonidos y estaciones.


This service is held in “The Warehouse”. A new concept for a new generation – aware of who we are and whose we are! We are taking heaven by force with new sounds and an increased awakening! A daring atmosphere for a chosen generation.

7:30 PM – IGNITE

This service meets in “The Warehouse” on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month. This service is designed for the youth ages 12-18 to draw near to God in intimate worship and fellowship together.


During this time with the North Palm Family, there are teachings, discipleship, impartation and community building. We also have programs for the children. If you want to be a leader, this is the place for you.