Who We Are

We are radical pursuers of Jesus Christ determined to make a difference in this generation by living each day with eternity in mind.  As an apostolic ministry, North Palm understands the necessity to go into all the world…the world of family, the world of business, the world of government, the world of media, the world of arts and entertainment, the world of education and make disciples.  We believe that we are family and in community (unity) all things are possible.

Welcome to the greatest journey of your life!

Our Vision

“Center of Blessings”

Every where Jesus went a crowd was drawn to Him. They came to Him with their needs and impossible situations and he had the answers to their problems. He was the center of blessing. As His representatives on this earth, we can be the center of blessing everywhere we go. The Holy Spirit will draw those to us who are in need of answers. We, within ourselves, may not know the answers, but the Jesus in us does. It is time for His example to be emulated by the church in a world with many problems. It is time to be the Center of Blessings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise up a new generation that will live radically for Christ through the implementation of the Great Commission and demonstrating the love of God in every home in Charleston until this world is won for Christ.