Mark and Patricia Estes are catalysts for city unity among churches and are great examples for leading five fold ministries on the seven mountains of societal influence.  They have been the Senior Pastors of a multicultural congregation, North Palm Church, for over 25 years.  Mark and Patricia are both ordained Bishops and are founders of North Palm Global.  Having ministered in many countries and in conferences with thousands of people, both find their hearts drawn to finding the gold in people and leading them in discipleship.  They are now building an apostolic hub to resource the new wine being poured out in preparation for the great harvest.  Mark is a dynamic teacher of the word and has written many curriculum’s that are used to build the body of Christ. Patricia flows in a prophetic anointing and is gifted in organization and strategy to build the Kingdom. She is Founder and CEO of Kingdom Consulting. Mark and Patricia have been happily married for over 35 years and have three children, Stephen who at 19 years old was moved from earth to heaven, Deborah who is married to James (Jimmy) Hong with two beautiful grandchildren Jonathan and Asher, and Anna.