North Palm recognizes that the great commission is the foundation of any and every ministry.  Taking care of people is part of our assignment (1 Peter 5:2). North Palm also recognizes that every believer is called to be a leader or an influencer. We work through columns (teams) of individuals that have prepared themselves and presented their lives for service in the Kingdom.  These leadership groups direct teams of leaders through the process of development into the harvest.  Success is measured by a person first coming into the light by becoming a convert of Jesus and then growing into a true disciple that has picked up his cross (assignment) to make disciples.

If you are ready to move into the more with a Discipleship Journey:

1) Attend an Encounter

An Encounter is more than an event, it is an opportunity to really connect with God on a personal level. The Encounter is the first step to get connected as a leader at North Palm. We believe that God wants to encounter each individual and wants to show each person His divine will for their lives! To sign up for the next Encounter click here:

2) School of Discipleship

The School of Discipleship is two, 2 hour sessions to experience the life of a disciple and learn the DNA of North Palm. In this you will be discovered! We will find God’s treasure He placed in you!

3) Discovery Session

A Discovery Session is a time to connect one-on-one with the pastoral leadership team at North Palm! We believe that God created us with purpose and destiny and he brings pastors, mentors, leaders into our lives to help us discover all the gifts and talents God has given each one of us.

4) Connect with a Discipleship Group

Discipleship in the Bible is so important for the growth of the people of God! We are truly better together and we have a great opportunity for personal growth through a discipleship group. Once you are a part of a discipleship group, you will also have access to the North Palm Leadership Growth Segments. This leadership opportunity is both in person and online and creates a safe spaced to grow in our character and spiritually!