Personal Counseling

We are blessed with a wonderful team of qualified counselors here at North Palm under the direction of Dr. Norma Newton.  They specialize in temperament analysis, grief counseling, as well as addiction counseling. They provide you with a peaceful, caring and nurturing environment for each session.  To schedule an appointment or to receive more information, please contact the church offices at 843-225-7884.

Financial Counseling

For special guidance in money and debt management, please contact Keith Henderson.  Keith is an experienced accountant who has counseled many and helped them get back on the road to financial freedom.  He uses Biblical principles and concepts to help you develop a personal budget plan to get out of debt.

Sozo Counseling

Sozo is the Greek word translated in the New Testament as saved, healed, and delivered. A Sozo is an inner healing ministry.  It is designed to bring healing and deliverance to the mind, will and emotions.  Personal caring counselors are trained and prepared to reach out to you and offer relief from spiritual and emotional suffering and bring clarity to some issues that you may still carry from your past personal journey experience.

Premarital/Marital Counseling

Apostle Mark Estes leads a team to facilitate healthy marriages with premarital and marital counseling.

Loving Touch Face to Face Ministries

This ministry has been established to support you and your teams during those times when extra tender loving care is needed.  This ministry is designed to support your team with visitations for those who have been shut- in at home, hospitalized, experiencing bereavement, or in need of a little extra encouragement.  We all get by with a little extra help from our friends from time to time and “Loving Touch is there for you.  The email address we invite you to use upon making your request is: