Level One:
The Spirit of Truth has identified the individual as an Evangelist from the SOD with the Assessment.

Level Two:
The individual has received the revelation from the SOD and has committed to join the five fold team of Evangelists and displays a heart for the unsaved and is beginning to steward the gift of evangelism.

Level Three:
The individual has successfully completed level two and now is participating in
1. School of Evangelism
2. Participates in Outreach
3. Participates in City Evangelism

Level Four:
The individual has successfully completed level three and is recognized as an evangelist by the local body, assists in leading outreach and city evangelism and displays a high level of character and commitment to the lost.

Level Five:
The individual has successfully completed level four and is ready to be anointed and Set Forth as a North Palm Evangelist Leader
1. Eligible to be sent out as an Evangelist in community, region, and nation (s)
2. Able to lead the School of Evangelism
3. Able to be a Community Outreach/Evangelism Leader
4. Eligible to mentor other Evangelists
5. Eligible to lead annual Conference