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Hey, North Palm Parents! Are you ready for some Easter-egg-hunting – social distancing style?
It’s simple!
Just PM your physical address with the zip code to Dayna Lopez or Cindy Mellard. Then let your children create a large Easter egg (or eggs), decorate it, and tape it in your front window.
On Saturday, April 4, we will share a document on this page named “Happy Hunting.” The addresses of our North Palm egg-hunting participants will be grouped by city/area in the document. Simply download the document and start driving while your children count how many eggs they find.
The “how” is totally up to you. You may visit as few or as many homes as you wish. You may visit different cities on different days and total your count at the end of the week. Just get creative and have some family fun!
While you are egg-hunting, please take a family photo and post it here and on your Facebook page so everyone can enjoy the excitement.
Please leave your eggs in your windows until Monday, April 13.
All right, North Palmers… SHOW YOUR COLORS…
Your Easter colors, that is!!
(P.S. Children’s leaders can join in too!)