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Join us as Rosemary Funderburk shares her story of healing from a debilitating illness and how she recovered and lost 25 pounds without exerceise!

This will be a launch and an opportunity
for anyone who wants to be a part of an intensive group!

Topics to include:
– How to get healed and stay healed
– Foods that heal & foods that kill
– Food shopping: The Dirty Dozen and the clean fifteen. The dozen foods to buy organic
– Food & consumer product label reading made easy. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your body
– How to look younger, sleep better, have a strong immune system and reach your ideal weight
– How to get clean from the inside out
– The gut brain connection. Why are so many children being diagnosed with Autism, depression and allergies?
– The 100 autoimmune disease; How not to get them and how to recover

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