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Reigning for Transformation

Until the ecclesia is seated in authority, our cities will continue to have the same sad statistics and our influence will continue to be less than God intended. Understanding that our mandate is to rule and reign and then, and only then, will we be able to see cities and nations come to God. This conference will address issues of Ruling and Reigning in our spheres of influence and each person will walk away with practical steps to implement in becoming the true light and governing authority on earth.



Thursday, August 10th

7:00pm – Conference Session 1


Speaker – Dr. Mark Chironna


Friday, August 11th

10:00am – Conference Session 2


Speaker – Apostle Mark Estes


7:00pm – Conference Session 3


Speaker – Apostle Mark Tubbs


Saturday, August 12th

10:00am – Conference Session 4


Speaker – Apostle David McDonald


12:30pm – Partners Lunch (Must RSVP)


7:00pm – Conference Session 5


Speaker – Apostle Mark Tubbs


*Sunday, August 13 – Apostle Mark Tubbs will be ministering in both the 9am and the 11:30am Services*


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