Five Fold Teams:
The Five Fold Group enables each disciple to find their “tribe” among the offices of service in the community of North Palm as well as society. They are trained on how to use their gifts and walk in their offices to sharpen their skills to participate advancing the Kingdom of God on earth. Our groups at this time include Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. Our apostles meet at different times but assist in the training of the other four offices. The objective is to mature the five fold to have as many 4 and 5 level in each team.

North Palm Five fold Responsibilities:

• Guidance to Leadership Columns
• Administration and Goal Setting
• Enlarging physical facilities
• City care launch
• People group and Nations Discipleship
• Launch 7m Economic Development Group
• Launch 7m-Costa Rica

• School of the Prophets
• Monthly Declarations
• Cherith- Adult and Children
• Prophetic Journey
• Hosting Prophetic Website for Words for the Region
• 1 Annual Conference
• Support to Apostles
• Support to Levites
• Prophetic Art

• Treasure Hunts
• Fire Starter School
• Encounters
• Water Baptism
• Prayer Sets
• Social Media Testimonies
• Cell Groups
• 1 Annual Conference

• Life Celebrations- Weddings, baby showers, bridal showers,
• Life Supports- Funerals, hospital visits, shut-ins, emergencies
• Deliverance
• Men’s/Women’s/Children’s Ministries
• Special Day Celebrations- Easter/July 4th /Thanksgiving/Christmas
• Family Day
• 1 Annual Conference

• School of Discipleship
• School of Leadership
• Blogs/Devotionals
• Communion
• Financial/Stewardship Teaching
• Seven Mountain Training
• Emerging Truths
• Emerging Strategies
• 1 Annual Conference