Brief History of Charleston’s Southern Hospitality

History writes that back in colonial days when a sea captain returned home from a long voyage he would spear a pineapple on his fence post as to say, “I’m home, come on over, my door is open”. Spear a pineapple- why a pineapple? Pineapples are symbols of hospitality. They grace gates, fountains, homes, art, jewelry and signs all over Charleston. Our city is known for making people feel right at home with its hospitable charm. Charleston has been consistently ranked as one of the “friendliest cities in the U.S.” With its majestic oaks, welcoming smiles, warm embraces, gentlemen holding doors, respect echoed with every “Yes ma’am, No sir” and celebrated cultures. Yes, Charleston has a colorful history full of pain and struggles, winning and losing but being a resilient, persevering place and people – we thrive not survive. Gaining and gleaning that “all people matter” and love conquers ALL. If asked what is the key to Charleston’s Southern Hospitality, the answer is most assuredly – THE PEOPLE.

The Meaning of Hospitality

Webster defines hospitality as the friendly, generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors and strangers. In the Greek it means “love for strangers”. We often hear it said that someone has the gift of hospitality (and that may be true), but we see throughout scripture example after example how this biblical principle and virtue is commanded and commended.

One sentiment that is echoed over and over at North Palm is “We are family”. And we believe every person that enters our doors will know this, for truly HE loves well.

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