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When the commission was given to go into all of the world, the geographic territory was given to go to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Uttermost parts of the earth.  CTW is our Jerusalem and Judea initiative which works in our local region and state in areas of support for disadvantaged families, veteran support programs, training centers, and leadership development. We are looking for partners to pledge $10.00 a week for 52 weeks or to give a donation.

Link to donate:  https://pushpay.com/g/northpalm

(Please select the “Change the World” option on the Giving Type dropdown)


Costa Rica:

It is Time is a ministry that we launched and support in Costa Rica. This is a 7-mountain initiative to see Christians take the good news of the Kingdom into all of the earth. With 5 training centers, we host a three-level training program equipping believers to be the light in all spheres of society, bringing true and lasting transformation. Hundreds have graduated and the influence of Jesus is become very evident.

Dates: March 23-March 29, 2022

Enjoy this recap video of our time in Costa Rica: https://youtu.be/Nna2o4dlLoM



Dates: July 1-July 7, 2022

Cost: $1650 per person/ double occupancy

Trip Leader:  Jerry Leschorn

Number of spaces available on the trip: 10 people 

Deadline to Apply: Feb. 15

The Trip will consist of:

  • Participate with Children’s feeding centers/ care points: Goal = community transformation via children using a holistic child development model.
  •  Prisons (men and women): Goal = revival via the systematic discipleship of the Christians in the prison. We will host encounters and teachings.



Dates: September 8 – September 14, 2022

Cost: $1400 per person

Trip Leader:  James Vallance

Number of spaces available on the trip: 5-7 people per trip

The Trip will consist of:

  • During this trip we will be ministering and training church leaders, have evangelistic events, and participate in church services. We will be ministering in different areas of Cuba, including Camagüey, Santa Clara, and Havana. This will provide the team with opportunity to experience different communities in the country side, city, and coastal area.

Covid Requirements: Effective January 5, 2021, a negative RT-PCR test performed no later than 72 hours before travel to Cuba is required, in addition to proof of COVID-19 vaccination.



Dates: September 30 – October 7, 2022

Cost: $1400 per person

Trip Leader:  Apostle David McDonald

Number of spaces available on the trip: 5-7 people per trip

The Trip will consist of:

  • Leadership development in Homer Alaska.

Covid Requirements: The State of Alaska has no special entry or travel testing requirements.




One of our Apostles, Jean Rebecca, leads a transformational ministry in Haiti called “Stand for Haiti”. This ministry targets a certain geographical area with a systematic approach to preach the gospel, feed the hungry, and bring Kingdom transformation. With educational programs, leadership development, and humanitarian aid, lives are being forever changed. In consideration of the country of Haiti’s civil unrest, we do not have any trips planned at this time.

For more information or to donate: https://standforhaiti.org/


North Palm Global with concentrations in Uganda, South Africa, and Europe:

Through our network, we host Intensive Partnerships throughout these countries to bring unity and transformation. Along with mentorship, we host conferences and support.  Leadership Development is a key component to see revival which leads to transformation and reformation. For more information or to donate: https://northpalmglobal.com/


Country Name: South Africa 

Dates: May 10-May 23, 2022
Cost:  $2386  

Trip Leader: David McDonald

Number of spaces available on the trip: 7 per trip

The Trip will consist of:  Leadership Development and Conference.  


Country Name: Uganda 

Dates: July 18-July 30, 2022
Cost:  $3000  

Trip Leader: Ki Coleman

Number of spaces available on the trip: 12 per trip

The Trip will consist of: Dedicating of our new building and visiting village churches.


Country Name: Egypt 

Dates: August 22-September 1, 2022
Cost:  $2944

Trip Leader: David McDonald

Number of spaces available on the trip: Only 4 people as it’s a Muslim country, we must be discreet.


If you would like to participate on any of the above listed mission trips, please apply at the link below and complete a “Short-Term Mission Trip Form” by printing, completing and turning in to one of the areas specified on the first page of the form.

Application Link:


Form Download: