Welcome to the greatest journey of your life!

Welcome to North Palm! We are a multi-cultural community of believers that together believe we can change our world with the greatest change agent of all time, Jesus Christ! Once we are transformed as individuals, we believe that we all become leaders or influencers to change our families, communities, cities, and nations. Our philosophy is one of service as we come together in the church to be empowered to go to all spheres of societal influence. We can bring the kingdom of God to the earth in the areas of arts and entertainment, business, education, family, government, and media.

Three Ways to Enjoy North Palm

1. Make this your community of faith – Attend Services and become a part of the Supernatural life at North Palm.
Call our church office at (843) 225-7884.

2. If you belong to another community of faith – Take Classes, attend conferences and join our prayer meetings at North Palm. We also serve as an Apostolic resource center for our community. Sign up to receive emails below.


3. Become a leader at North Palm: Make a decision to move into a life of accountability and development–become a disciple.  This is the heart of North Palm.  We believe that our assignment is to raise up an army that not only loves the presence of God but also walks with the heart and character of God.  We are assigned to ascend on all seven mountains of societal influence and be the salt and the light!  For more information, please send a request for Leadership Development by clicking the button below.


Service Times and Special Events