(In order to start the process you will need to have read the bible through)

Level One:  Basic- Credential

Requires monthly meetings for 7 months held in person on Sundays from 5-6:00 pm. Each individual will then report monthly of their progress and when their process is completed, will schedule a time for the exam. Please read the credential requirements here.

Meeting Dates: Sept. 18th (Launch Meeting)

Oct. 23rd, Nov. 20th, Jan. 22, Feb. 19th, March 19th, and May 21st.


Level Two:  Mastery- Emerging Leaders

Prerequisite: Successful completion of reading list, book reports, and completing reading the Bible through.

Session One: Emerging Leaders Know their Calling and are Established and Faithful
Session Two: Emerging Leaders Know What they Want and are Disciplined
Session Three: Emerging Leaders Accept Responsibility and Avoid Distractions
Session Four: Emerging Leaders Understand Distress Signals
Session Five: Emerging Leaders Love Sinners
Session Six: Emerging Leaders Accomplish The Impossible and Leave a Legacy


Level Three: Ministerial Exam and Setting Forth