North Palm Church – Selections of Prophetic Words

Although we have had many in house prophecies from our very anointed prophets, we are including only the prophecies from outside prophets. This is not inclusive of all prophecies but a selection to understand the responsibility of stewardship.

Prophecy- Summerville, SC – 1993- Rick Joyner

This region has a responsibility of firsts. Although it has been difficult and seemingly impossible, great light and power will come from this place to bless the nation. There are gifts and treasures that are hidden in this region to bless the nation. Great revival will come forth. You will know it is the season, the time for the outpouring when businesses begin to move into the region like never before. Both national and international businesses will begin to move- change locations- and move to this region. Higher level jobs, even tech companies will come. When you see this, the season is near.

Prophecy- North Charleston, SC – July 21, 1998- Eric Swilling

Old things are passed away. The church will find anointing to walk in for tomorrow. For the Lord has chosen this work. Out of many stars He has plucked one from the sky. The Lord says that not only has he plucked it from the sky but also He has taken his Cloth and he is wiping a way all of the tarnish. This star will shine greater than others. I have chosen you.  You will see things you don’t understand. You will walk in areas that you never walked in before. God is willing to share the jewels with you.

For there will be a river of water that will flow through this place. This water will flow from your altars as gushing streams and rivers and it’ll branch out and you will be able to effect areas of your community and areas of your city that you’ve always wanted to reach but never quite could reach that far. The Lord says his arm is not short that he cannot reach through you.

Prophecy- North Charleston, SC – July 24, 1998- Eric Swilling

God is going to give you the spirit of joy and that joy will be the tool that God uses to lead you. The life of your church will be in Jesus, the way of your church will be in Jesus. They will come, young and old and there will be a great influx into the church. There will also be unchurched people; you will have to teach them the basics. It will seem like you’ll teach basics forever, but God is going to create from those basics a Sunday School class that won’t ever quit. It will be people who are disciple in the way of Christ, no tin the way of religion. It will be people who will march forward and take the city in Jesus’ name. You’ll go to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and then God will use you mightily in the utter most parts of the earth.

God will expand your vision; he will lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes in the words of Isaiah. For God has proclaimed this place as a place of blessing. This church will not be a subtle and comfortable church; this church will be a church that God is marching forward to take a city. I see arms and legs of all colors hanging out the windows of the church. Heaven marks this place.

Prophecy- Global Summit, Pasadena, CA – August 2016 – Shawn Bolz

Is there a Mark and Patrice or Mark and Patricia?  Ok, so you guys are Mark and Patricia?  Do you live in an 843 area code?  I don’t know where that is at.  (Mrs. Estes responds Charleston, South Carolina).  Is there a September 20th birthday?  (Anna may raise her hand, Anna responds daughter).  Is your name Hannah or Anna?  (Anna responds Anna).  You are part of this work. God will not leave you out, look at this.  So she is their daughter.

So I see you guys I feel that God said that this word upgrade is so programed for you because I feel like God is taking you to one Glory to the next Glory and you are going to help transition a people around you into a place of true Glory.  I feel like you have a people who gather around you.  You have such a beautiful calling so I am assuming you are pastors.  There is such a beautiful calling but there is about to be an Apostolic gathering on you to gather people who would understand how to build in a kingdom way.  It is not that the people who are around you don’t have it, but God is going to add to it and it is not that the people around you will not go on the journey, I feel like many will go on the journey.

There is a new gathering of a new force of people that can actually have a reasonable impact even a greater impact especially in the business community.  I saw some government people but also other ministers who are spiritually ready to go in a plan with you guys and I felt the Lord said you will know them as they come because they won’t need discipleship.  They won’t need the basics and they are going to come in and I feel like the Lord is going to give you a map and strategy on how to activate them in your community.  What would normally take two to three years it is almost like they have a house and had equity in it and they are transferring it over to buy into your house.  That equity transfers too and so it is going to feel like that to your people and I feel like the Lord is saying get ready because some of the best people you have ever known are about to come and be a part of what you are doing and add to what you already have happening.  It is going to give you global range so it is going to give you a regional reach.  I feel like He is saying you came in the right alignment for this season because God is going to do something to multiply and upgrade you. I don’t know anything about you but I know God is with you and your region obviously.

And Anna I feel like God is saying get ready to hear him even more you hear his voice but you are going to get specific instructions and you are going to get directions for people.  I see a directional anointing though people process their life decisions not just counsel comes on you but actual direction like you like to tell people what to do but you feel like they’re not going to do it.  I feel God is saying there is this voice I have given you and so pay attention to it because you are going to be sought after for wisdom and counsel.  This is to give direction because people who are on the verge of making decisions they are going to need you to help them establish that direction.  Amen

Prophecy- Global Summit, Pasadena, CA – August 2017- Shawn Bolz

Shawn Bolz:       – – – All the Lord told me was December 28 and December 27 I don’t know why

Mrs. Estes :       that is mine and my husband’s birthdates – – –

Shawn Bolz:       Lord Jesus did you plan that – – – you are perfect for each other Christmas, your birthdays and New Year’s its perfect.  I just like it!  It  is so fun. I would like to  have you stand up because I see an apostolic calling.  Are you pastors or church leaders?  They are apostles in Charleston. Ok.  I am so glad to meet you and I feel like God is showing me that the word alignment – – – I see alignment.  I feel like the Lord is saying I have a new alignment for you.  You have been going after him for decades and the Lord is saying I have your new fresh marching orders for this season and it is not only going to affect you and your church movement, but it is going to affect your children and their lives as wel