2023 Prophets Schedule of Events –  CLICK HERE

Prophets Schedule of events
Please contact us at the email address below to register or sign up for participation. You may also visit www.angeladhenderson.com for more information.


Level One:
The Spirit of Truth has identified the individual as a prophet from the SOD with the Assessment

Level Two:
The individual has received the revelation from the SOD and has committed to join the five fold team of
prophet and participate in the following training:
1. 5 Fold Tribal Session
2. Basic School of Prophets
3. Cherith
4. Personal Prophetic Journey

Level Three:
The individual has successfully completed level two and is ready for the next step:
Advanced Prophetic Training
1. Learn to give words
2. Work with a Senior Prophet (must have leader referral)
3. Attend Dreams Class
4. Learn to interpret dreams

Level Four:
The individual has successfully completed level three and is ready for the next step:
Activation in the Prophetic
1. People recognize you as prophet
2. Give accurate prophetic words
3. Discover your prophetic language
4. Post words on the Uplift Website
5. Participation in special prophetic ministry opportunities
(i.e praying over Levite, Creative Prophetic Sessions)

Level Five:
The individual has successfully completed level four and is ready to be anointed and Set Forth as a North Palm Prophetic Leader
1. Eligible to give words from the stage
2. Able to accompany an Apostle (to be a prayer partner)
3. Able to speak into the life of a North Palm Leader
4. Eligible to receive an invitation to Mentor in Personal Prophetic Journeys