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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual and Personal Growth Ministries

Discipleship is the greatest level of a person’s relationship with Christ. It is following others as they follow Christ. It is a level of accountability, great challenges and greater rewards. If you would like more information on Discipleship and working with a mentor at North Palm Community Church, please contact Pastor Patricia Estes at jefape@aol.com or Alex and Jennifer Bonilla at jennb8_06@yahoo.com

The School of Discipleship is designed to prepare people for discipleship and leadership. We have all been called by God to go and win souls and help establish His kingdom on the earth. Here at North Palm we provide the tools that are necessary to fulfill that commission. We have four weeks of instructional teaching administered by qualified teachers and counselors that encourage people to develop their own personal relationship with God and discover their own special purpose. If you wish to know more about our School of Discipleship, please call the church office at 843-225-4324.

The next rotation of English & Spanish classes will be announced August 2018.

School of Evangelism

School of Evangelism is a 12-week course. In this school, the cycle of “everyday normal life” breaks. You learn that every day is a supernatural day, taking risk, laying hands on the sick, and believing that God will back you up by showing them the love of the Father.


Firestarters is a 12-week course designed to assist you in becoming a modern-day revivalist; to become a world-changer and history-maker in whatever sphere of influence God has placed you. Whether in the marketplace, school, neighborhood, community, or home. We know whose we are and where we belong. We know we are called to start a fire, a revolution, wherever we go, carrying the Kingdom with us and being the gates of Heaven and a highway for the Holy Spirit to manifest His glory. This is what is called a revival lifestyle.