What Would It Look Like To Yield To The Father?

By Crystal Keefer

What would it look like to Yield to the Father?

I received a firm rebuke a couple years ago. I was in this place of just resisting. I was walking with Him, but I was holding on to some areas where He wanted to come in and do a deeper work.

I heard, “Yield child! Yield!”

A few weeks ago, sitting on the front porch, I was hearing, “Yield”.


The word yield here means:

-give way to arguments, demands, or pressure

-relinquish possession of (something); give (something) up

-cease to argue about


The opposite of this yield is to resist.

We have head knowledge on many things, but that knowledge hasn’t been given space to trickle down into our hearts for revelation to explode into understanding.

There is a deeper work that is needing to take place within our hearts. I had to yield, my heart, my will, my desires, relationships, things I thought I knew… I had to empty my hands and truly release control. I had to step out of culture and step out of social statuses and into his love.

Many of us have been yielding and surrendering in 2023, but some of us have been resisting.

Its a picture of Jesus in conversation with the wealthy man in Luke 18:18-25. The wealthy man asked Jesus what he must do to be saved and receive eternal life. Jesus replied that he knew what was right and what the commandments teach. He was basically in good standing. However, there was one thing missing. Jesus told him to sell everything and give it to the poor and come follow him. It wasn’t about him receiving salvation because he would sell stuff, it was about what was competing for space in his life along with wanting Jesus. Where truly following Jesus was in competition with the things of this world. Jesus told him, its a hard to do.

Its hard to yield to God when we are holding on to many things of this world, but want to follow Jesus. There is space for us to take inventory of our hearts.


What are we after?

Who are we chasing?

What are we holding on to?

What are we afraid of?

Is that more important than Jesus?


Could we lay it down even if it meant we would look like we had lost our minds, crazy or as if we were making the worst decision of our lives to many around us, even if everyone else is going in an opposite direction?

Could we pull away and truly walk in the direction towards Jesus?

Deep within our hearts we are longing for something more, but its been hard to let it go for Jesus,  even when it may have been God that gave it to us. Everything we have comes from him anyhow. Other instances, it may be the thing that we are just trying to hold on to instead of letting go because it feels comfortable and familiar, but may not be from God.

Can we trust Him enough to truly yield ourselves and surrender it all. Its tempting to give a little bit and want to hold onto other areas.

“But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.”
James 3:17

If we really want what our soul has been longing for, we must be willing to yield to Him. Our souls are always longing for Jesus, but we pacify that longing with things of this world to try to fill that void, but it never lasts and we move on to the next thing, constantly repeating that cycle.

Its not easy. There will be tension and a stretching in order to let go, as He comes in perfecting us, making us more like Him, doing only what He can do.

The path forward will require purity and a full surrender. When we hold onto the world, we exist in the world and its ways of doing things enter into us. It becomes what we follow, instead of following Jesus. We have been called to be set apart. We will always be in this world, but not supposed to be of it. We are called to come up higher.

May we become willing vessels, giving Holy spirit space and permission to work in us, as we trade our desires for all of who He is.